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The Neuroscience of Safety Leadership - June 2017


SafetyMind is pleased to offer a 1 day public program -

The Neuroscience of Safety Leadership

About the Program

This one day Safety Leadership program makes practical sense of what brain scientists are discovering about the brain and the impacts on safety. The program is designed to empower Safety Leaders with the knowledge they need to keep their people and teams safe.

The field of neuroscience informs us about how the brain operates and the influence this has on behavioural choices. Leaders have the biggest impact on their organisation’s culture and, by default, the biggest impact on the safety of their people. By understanding how the brain influences actions, leaders are better able to change behavioural outcomes to produce safe choices.

In turn, the more leaders understand about the human brain, the better they can tailor specific people safety strategies to improve safety performance.

The Neuroscience of Safety Leadership Program weaves interactive discussions, case studies and skill building activities to provide Participants with the fun, immersive learning experience that we are known for!

During the program, participants will cover the following:

  • Adding science to behaviours
  • STOP - Switching OnDirect v Default Brain Networks
  • The lost art of focus
  • Building space to STOP
  • Developing strategies to Switch On
  • Brain Hazards - Going Slow
  • Fast Brain v Slow Brain and the impact on your people's safety
  • Key Brain Hazards
  • Generating Solutions for Brain Hazards
  • The core social domains that influence human behaviour and interactions with others
  • The role of Mindfulness in creating a safety focussed culture

Participants will walk away with...

A clear and practical understanding of evidenced based and neuroscience informed strategies to improve safety at your organisation.

  • Understand how people focus and develop strategies to Switch On
  • Exploration of key brain hazards and development of strategies to remove or reduce them
  • Identification of the core social domains that influence human behaviour and interactions with others
  • Understanding the role of Mindfulness in creating a safety focussed culture
  • Recognising the relationship between attention deficit trait, focus and safety
  • Practical, tools, strategies, techniques and methods to keep your people safe
  • A detailed workbook


Some of the great feedback from previous programs...

"I think the program was excellent, better than any other safety leadership course I have attended in the past."

"I had a great time. Not what I was expecting. The course facilitators were fantastic and I got something out of it as well as some tools to help me interact with my team."

"Great energy, clarity and application to the day to day. Session was engaging and flowed well. Enjoyed the interactive nature of course."

Who should attend?

Executives, Directors, Supervisors and Safety Leaders at all levels

Anyone seeking to extend their capability to create safer workplaces


Location, Date & Time

Melbourne: Monday June 19, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Cliftons Melbourne CBD

Brisbane: Tuesday June 20, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Cliftons Sydney CBD

Sydney: Wednesday June 21, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Cliftons Brisbane CBD

Let us know if you are keen to attend in another location and we will be in touch.


$740 per person - includes participant materials, lunch, morning and afternoon tea

Early Registration - Register before 31 May and only pay $620 per person

Multiple registrations - each additional registration from the one organisation will be discounted by 20%.

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