As important as it is to be well trained, to have good equipment to work with and safe conditions to work in, it is also essential that workers be alert and conscious of their surroundings as they go about doing what they know how to do. The critical attentional variables are sometimes summarised as “mindfulness.” It is crucial that people who are working safely stay mindful of what they are doing, of the conditions in which they are working, and act consistently with that mindset. But here’s the problem: The more practiced and experienced we become with a task, the less mindful we are of what we are doing and how we are doing it. It is truly like being on autopilot. This mind state is our primary coping mechanism when we are distracted, hurried, multitasking, overloaded or bored. Our PAUSE provides participants with the skills to increase their situational awareness and decrease at risk “mindless” behaviours.